As a mother who is wrapped up with images of sister huggin’, baby cuddles and all of the mama moments, family photography was no leap, but rather, a step into my own unseen wish. Nine years later and I’ve had the rare opportunity to document families as their children grow, with sweet personalities taking shape and big, bright eyes getting softer and wiser. It’s a journey I can’t fully describe.

My craft as a Bay Area portrait photographer developed in college when I studied black and white film. My bathroom became a dark room — the tub was used for rinsing and the lack of natural light let my film develop without interruption. Later on after becoming a mother, I began taking photographs of my daughter and was absorbed by the art of photography.

Bay Area portrait photographer, adventure aficionado & green tea lover.

I’m Emily.

I'm always looking for ways to innovate and get creative. I believe in being curious, nurturing the little explorer that’s inside of each of us.

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Revealing perspectives with relationships, experiences and laughter

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Life is unpredictable — the sweet memories you make during our session are fleeting and irreplaceable. If you’re ready to bring out the kid in yourself, laugh and just exist in the moment, you’ll yearn for more moments like this.

I adore my fun-loving family. We offer a good mix of laughter, strong connections and a fair share of making fun of one another. Really, though, we enjoy spending time together! I have two girls — 11 and 14. The 11-year-old is the spicy, funny and independent one and the 14-year-old is the empathetic best friend of the family. My husband is the hero of the house in many ways — mostly that he genuinely enjoys hanging out with his three favorite ladies of all time! And as you might imagine, our sweet golden retriever is a little one-year-old lover who gets into a lot of mischief. 

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